Closed Captioning Device (CC)

Moviegoers who are deaf or hard of hearing can now see open captioning with their personal closed captioning device. The devices offer personal monitors with digital text displays that easily attach to cup holder armrests and allow the user to adjust the monitor to their preferred position. The devices are wireless and easy to use. Look for the Closed Caption icon next to the movie titles where you get your showtimes on and Harkins App.

Audio Description Headset (AD)

Those who are visually impaired can receive additional audio narration with their personal audio description headset. The headsets provide the user with additional description of the visual setting and action taking place on the screen. The devices are wireless and easy to use.

Assistive Listening Device (ALD)

Guests who are hard of hearing can amplify the movie soundtrack through their personal ALD. The devices are wireless headsets that receive a signal that allows the user to customize the volume to their liking. Neck loops are also available which work in concert with the guest’s hearing aid.

Harkins Theatres’ mission is to provide the best movie going experience at all times. We strive to make going to the movies at Harkins comfortable, enjoyable and accessible to all of our guests.

In addition to our already accessible buildings and our assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing, Harkins is pleased to announce new technology on virtually all screens and locations. Harkins Theatres offers closed captioning for the deaf or hard of hearing and audio description for the visually impaired. Our hope is that these new advances will dramatically enhance the moviegoing experience for our guests at all of our BOFFO™ Theatres. These devices are available for all showtimes for films that offer captions or descriptions.

Please visit the Guest Services counter to obtain your device or for any other disability-related questions. Groups that require 8 or more devices for the same location and showtime are asked to contact a Harkins Theatres special events coordinator one week in advance at to make arrangements. Closed Captioning and Audio Description are available at all locations.