Behind the Screens

Harkins Theatres takes movie lovers Behind the Screens for an insider’s perspective of Hollywood’s latest films. Hosted by Tara Hitchcock, a broadcasting veteran who has interviewed A-list celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Sandra Bullock, Morgan Freeman and Matthew McConaughey, this Emmy-winning program is exclusive to Harkins Theatres. Enjoy the latest movie news, all-access celebrity interviews and find out about Harkins Theatres’ promotions with Behind the Screens!

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Miss Bala

Miss Bala poster
Miss Bala screen
Gina Rodriguez, Ismael Cruz Cordova

The Kid Who Would Be King

The Kid Who Would Be King poster
The Kid Who Would Be King screen
Patrick Stewart, Louis Serkis, Rhianna Dorris

On The Basis Of Sex

On The Basis Of Sex poster
On The Basis Of Sex screen
Falicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux

Second Act

Second Act poster
Second Act screen
Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia

If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk poster
If Beale Street Could Talk screen
Stephan James, Kiki Lane, Regina King, Colman Domingo, Barry Jenkins

Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns poster
Mary Poppins Returns screen
Emily Blunt, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Lin Manuel Miranda, Rob Marshall


Aquaman poster
Aquaman screen
Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, James Wan


Bumblebee poster
Bumblebee screen
Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Angela Bassett, Travis Knight

The Mule

The Mule poster
The Mule screen
Clint Eastwood, Dianne Wiest, Alison Eastwood, Taissa Farmiga, Michael Pena, Andy Garcia

Ben is Back

Ben is Back poster
Ben is Back screen
Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges, Peter Hedges