California Don’t Sell My Info Notice

The California Consumer Privacy Act gives California residents the right to opt out of what is defined as the “sale” of their personal information. Although not sold in the traditional sense, the data we use to deliver relevant advertising and content within our website and app is shared with carefully selected third parties in a way that may be considered a “sale” under the Act. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy.

Harkins otherwise does not “sell” personal information. If you would like to record your preference that we not sell your information in the future, please use our webform available here. You may also authorize an individual or business registered with the California Secretary of State, called an authorized agent, to make requests on your behalf. We require that you and the agent complete notarized affidavits to verify the identity of the agent and the agent’s authority to act on your behalf. Parents may submit a birth certificate to make requests on a minor child’s behalf. These materials should be submitted along with your request through our webform.

How to Opt Out of Cookies and Tracking Technologies
Please click the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” button below to opt out of our cookie data sharing. Please note that doing this may mean you will not receive relevant offers, promotions, or discounts that are available. Keep in mind that you may need to opt out again if you later delete cookies from your web browser.

Mobile App Users
Your data sharing preferences may not be saved unless you opt out from within the app. To make sure your preferences will be saved, please opt out by: (1) from within the app, click one of the “California Don’t Sell My Info” links, which are located in the footer at the bottom of the Online Store and Online Ticketing pages; then (2) click the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” button above. It is necessary to follow these steps because the opt-out mechanism may not work if you accessed this webpage from the app’s download page.

Contact Us
For questions about the above, our privacy practices, to request an alternate version of this notice, or to make any inquiry related to your rights described in this notice, please visit our Contact Us webpage.


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