Adult Life Skills

Run time does not include previews1 hr 33 min | Comedy | Not Rated
Adult Life Skills
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  • Release Date
    January 18, 2019
  • Rating
    Not Rated
  • Genre
  • Director
    Rachel Tunnard
  • Starring
    Jodie Whittaker, Lorraine Ashbourne, Edward Hogg, Alice Lowe, Brett Goldstein, Andrew Buckley
  • Distributor
    Screen Media Films
Anna is stuck: she's approaching 30 and having an early-mid life crisis - one that's seen her regressing to a teenager, living like a hermit in her mum's garden shed and wondering why the suffragettes ever bothered. She spends her days making videos using her thumbs as actors - thumbs that bicker about things like whether Yogi Bear is a moral or existential nihilist. But Anna doesn't show these videos to anyone and no one knows what they are for. A week before her birthday her Mum serves her an ultimatum - she needs to move out of the shed, get a haircut that doesn't put her gender in question and stop dressing like a homeless teenager. Naturally, Anna tells her Mum to BACK THE F-OFF.However, when her school friend comes to visit, Anna's self-imposed isolation becomes impossible to maintain. Soon she is entangled with a troubled eight year old boy obsessed with Westerns, and the local estate agent whose awkward interpersonal skills continually undermine his attempts to seduce her.
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