Come Play

Run time does not include previews1 hr 45 min | Horror | CCClosed Captioning ADAudio Description Headset | PG 13for terror, frightening images and some language
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  • Rating

    PG 13 - for terror, frightening images and some language
  • Genre

  • Director

    Jacob Chase
  • Starring

    Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., Azhy Robertson, Gilian Jacobs
  • Distributor

    Focus Features


Newcomer Azhy Robertson stars as Oliver, a lonely young boy who feels different from everyone else. Desperate for a friend, he seeks solace and refuge in his ever-present cell phone and tablet. When a mysterious creature uses Oliver's devices against him to break into our world, Oliver's parents (Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr.) must fight to save their son from the monster beyond the screen.
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