Run time does not include previews1 hr 58 min | Suspense/Thriller Romance | R
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  • Genre

    Suspense/Thriller, Romance
  • Director

    Nicholas Jarecki
  • Starring

    Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, Evangeline Lilly, Greg Kinnear, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Lily-Rose Depp, Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi, Duke Nicholson, Veronica Ferres
  • Distributor

    Quiver Distribution


A drug trafficker arranges a multi-cartel Fentanyl smuggling operation. An architect recovering from an Oxycodone addiction tracks down the truth behind her son's disappearance. A university professor battles unexpected revelations about his employer, a pharmaceutical company bringing a new "non-addictive" painkiller to market. Set against the backdrop of the opioid epidemic, their stories collide in this dramatic thriller from writer/director Nicholas Jarecki ("Arbitrage").
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