Fright Nights: The Exorcist - Director's Cut

Run time does not include previews2 hr 13 min | Drama Horror Suspense/Thriller | R
Fright Nights: The Exorcist - Director's Cut

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  • Rating

  • Genre

    Drama, Horror, Suspense/Thriller
  • Director

    William Friedkin
  • Starring

    Jason Miller, Ellen Burstyn, Max Von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb, Kitty Winn, Jack MacGowran, Linda Blair, Reverend William O'Malley, Barton Heyman, Peter Masterson
  • Distributor

    Warner Bros.


William Friedkin directs one of the most horrifying movies ever made. When a charming 12-year-old girl takes on the characteristics and voices of others, doctors say there is nothing they can do. As people begin to die, the girl's mother realizes her daughter has been possessed by the devil--and that her daughter's only possible hope lies with two priests and the ancient rite of demonic exorcism.
Friday Oct 1, 2021
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