Hold On

Run time does not include previews1 hr 40 min | Drama | PG 13for a scene of violence, thematic elements and some language
Hold On

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  • Rating

    PG 13 - for a scene of violence, thematic elements and some language
  • Genre

  • Director

    Tarek Tohme
  • Starring

    Micayla De Ette, Tarek Tohme, Luis Guzmán
  • Distributor


Inspired by true events, 'Hold On' tells the story of Sidney Rhodes, a talented mixed race singer who must fight to keep her personal dreams and family life alive while working at a small Los Angeles church. As she encounters a string of disappointing auditions and struggles to save her brother from a life of addiction, Sidney eventually meets 25-year-old Vic Duran, the rebellious son of a famed music manager who greets her with an unlikely proposal. Armed with contrasting personalities and differing opinions on life and music, Sidney and Vic soon find themselves on an unexpected creative journey where hope and redemption appear on the horizon, but the pains of the past make it difficult to hold on.
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