Leona (subtitled)

Run time does not include previews1 hr 35 min | Drama | Not Rated
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    Not Rated
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  • Director

    Isaac Cherem
  • Starring

    Daniel Adissi, Naian González Norvind
  • Distributor

    Menemsha Films


Ariela (Naian González Norvind, Best Actress winner at the Morelia International Film Festival), a twentysomething Jewish mural painter in Mexico City falls for charming, non-Jewish Ivan. Struggling with her family's disapproval of the relationship, Ariela is torn between the man she loves and the community she can't leave behind. As she tries to please her parents, Ariela gradually realises it is her own wishes she needs to accept, and respect. Leona is a tender and moving debut feature about selfdiscovery and the courage to follow your heart.
TODAY / Wednesday Feb 24, 2021
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