Run time does not include previews1 hr 43 min | Suspense/Thriller | Not Rated
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    Not Rated
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  • Director

    Ben Mcpherson
  • Starring

    Brighton Sharbino, Dominic Monaghan, Will Patton
  • Distributor

    IFC Films


Teenage Reese (Brighton Sharbino) has a love for virtual reality role playing and a knack for beating even the toughest survival games. But when a nuclear strike causes an electromagnetic pulse that cuts off all power, water, and communication to the entire western United States, Reese finds herself plunged into an all-too-real fight to survive. As pandemonium grips her city, Reese and her father (Dominic Monaghan) set out on a desperate journey in search of safety a perilous trek through a world gone mad where every encounter with a stranger could be your last. Propelled by the ingenuity and resilience of its young heroine, Radioflash is a harrowingly unpredictable apocalyptic thriller that speaks to our precarious present.
TODAY / Friday Nov 22, 2019
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