Summer Movie Fun FAQ

When purchasing my season tickets, do I have to choose a specific theatre and a specific day of the week?

Yes. To ensure seating availability you will need to select a specific theatre and day of the week, as well as attend the same theatre on the same day of each week.

How do I find out which days of the week the program is offered at the theatre I choose?

You can pick up a calendar at the theatre's Guest Services counter, or you may download the calendar online here by selecting the desired location.

I can't attend all of the movies I've purchased tickets for (or I want to go to different theatres on different days). Am I able to purchase individual tickets instead? How much do individual tickets cost?

If you plan to attend at least 4 movies at the same location, it is more cost effective to purchase Season Tickets.  Purchasing season tickets in advance also ensures seating availability. However, we do sell individual tickets for $2 each. Individual tickets are not sold in advance, but are available at the box office, on a first come first serve basis.  Please note that seating availability may be limited due to advanced purchases made by season ticket holders.

Why are the same movies repeated from year to year?

Our movie selection is limited to "G" or "PG" rated films. Also, Disney movies are not available after they've left the theatres.

What is the price of an Adult SMF ticket?

SMF tickets are the same price for adults and children. However, adults will not be admitted unless a child accompanies them. Also note: Children of any age are only admitted with an adult accompaniment.

I have a group of seniors/disabled adults who would like to attend SMF. Is this program just for kids?

Yes. The SMF Program is exclusively for children 13 and under. For security reasons, adults are NOT under any circumstance, admitted unless a child accompanies them.  If you represent a group of senior/disabled adults please contact summerseries@Harkins.com for alternative options.

How long are season tickets on sale?

Season tickets are available until they sell out, or through the 7th week of the program, whichever comes first. After the 7th week of the program, Season Tickets are no longer cost-effective. However, you may still purchase single day tickets for $2 each, when available. We recommend that you arrive to the theatre early to check availability, as they tend to sell out very quickly.

How do I find out if there are still tickets available at the theatre I wish to attend?

Please contact the theatre directly for questions concerning ticket availability.

Is 9:45am the only showtime?

Yes, due to our regularly scheduled showtimes, 9:45am is the only available SMF showtime.

Can I purchase tickets over the phone or online?

Tickets are only available for sale at the theatres.

Do I have to purchase a ticket for my child who is 2 years or younger?

Children 2 and under do not need a ticket for admission. However, they must sit on your lap if there is limited seating available. We recommend that you purchase a ticket for your child if you wish for him/her to have his/her own seat.

Can school rebate tickets be resold?

School rebate tickets can only be sold through the school program to students. We do not allow Summer Movie Fun tickets to be sold or placed for auction on the internet in any way (eBay, Craigslist, etc). If we find tickets being sold on the internet we will reclaim them.