Summer Series


If it's summertime, that means two things; blockbuster movies and the Harkins Summer Series program. Guests ages 14 and above can enjoy a movie a week for 10 weeks, for less than $1 per film! The program provides an exciting opportunity for groups to enjoy family-friendly films and keep cool during the summer.  A different movie will be showing at 10:15AM every week.  The Summer Series program is by request only and is limited to select locations.  For more information please contact us at (480) 627-7777 or

"I love the safety of having a theater dedicated to our special population. Thanks so much for providing this for our population it is GREATLY appreciated!"
Kimberly B. (One Step Beyond)
"Everyone is so kind and patient and it means so much. Thank You Harkins!!!!!"
Jean M. (Advanced Developmental Disability Services)
"This was our 2nd season of enjoying this wonderful program. We're looking forward to next season."
Jerry H. (Desert Explorers DTA/Beacon Group)
"Our clients certainly enjoyed the opportunity to attend the theatre and see fun movies."
Georgia D. (Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled, Inc.)
"We enjoyed spending the day out in the community being served by such professional employees."
Justin W. (City of Peoria Adult Day Program - South)

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