The Bob's Burgers Movie

Run time does not include previews1 hr 42 min | Animation | CCClosed Captioning ADAudio Description Headset | PG 13for rude/suggestive material and language.
The Bob's Burgers Movie

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  • Release Date

  • Rating

    PG 13 - for rude/suggestive material and language.
  • Genre

  • Director

    Loren Bouchard
  • Starring

    Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts
  • Distributors

    20th Century Fox, 20th Century Studios


"The Bob's Burgers Movie" is an animated, big-screen, musical comedy-mystery-adventure based on the long-running Emmy-winning series. The story begins when a ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob's Burgers, blocking the entrance indefinitely and ruining the Belchers' plans for a successful summer. While Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat, the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family's restaurant. As the dangers mount, these underdogs help each other find hope and fight to get back behind the counter, where they belong.
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