The Chaperone

Run time does not include previews1 hr 43 min | Drama | Not Rated
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    Not Rated
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  • Director

    Michael Engler
  • Starring

    Haley Lu Richardson, Elizabeth McGovern, Miranda Otto, Blythe Danner, Campbell Scott
  • Distributor

    PBS Distribution


Louise Brooks, the 1920s silver screen sensation who never met a rule she didn't break, epitomized the restless, reckless spirit of the Jazz Age. But, just a few years earlier, she was a 15 year-old student in Wichita, Kansas for whom fame and fortune were only dreams. When the opportunity arises for her to go to New York to study with a leading dance troupe, her mother insists there be a chaperone. Norma Carlisle (Elizabeth McGovern), a local society matron who never broke a rule in her life, impulsively volunteers to accompany Louise (Haley Lu Richardson) to New York for the summer.
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