The Hustle

Run time does not include previews1 hr 34 min | Comedy | CCClosed Captioning ADAudio Description Headset | PG 13for some crude sexual references
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  • Rating

    PG 13 - for some crude sexual references
  • Genre

  • Director

    Chris Addison
  • Starring

    Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Sarah-Stephanie, Alex Sharp, Deepak Anand, Ingrid Oliver, Meena Rayann, Raffaello Degruttola, Deano Bugatti, Francisco Labbe
  • Distributors

    Mirror Films, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), United Artists Releasing


In the hilarious new comedy THE HUSTLE, Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the dirty rotten men who have wronged them.
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