The Mindfulness Movement

Run time does not include previews1 hr 41 min | Documentary | Not Rated
The Mindfulness Movement

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    Not Rated
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    Robert Beemer
  • Starring

    Jewel Kilcher, Deepak Chopra, Dan Harris, Jon Kabat Zinn, Sharon Salzberg
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The film follows the emotionally compelling stories of four main characters (Jewel, Dan Harris, Sharon Salzberg and George Mumford) who reveal their personal hardships and explain how mindfulness transformed their lives. Woven between these journeys are profiles of the leaders, history and science behind the movement, as well as looks at the many places where mindfulness is already helping to improve society, including schools (from inner-cities to Harvard Business School), Fortune 500 companies, police forces, prisons, network newsrooms, neuroscience laboratories, therapist offices, sports teams, military veterans groups and the health care industry.
Tuesday Apr 14, 2020
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