Western Stars

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Western Stars

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    Program, Documentary
  • Directors

    Thom Zimny, Bruce Springsteen
  • Starring

    Bruce Springsteen
  • Distributor

    Fathom Events


Western Stars offers Springsteen fans across the country a unique opportunity to see him perform all 13 songs from the critically lauded album-his first studio album in five years. Touching on themes of love and loss, loneliness and family and the inexorable passage of time, the documentary film evokes the American West-both the mythic and the hardscrabble-weaving archival footage and Springsteen's personal narration with song to tell the story of Western Stars. In a first for Springsteen, his rendition of the album is backed up by a 30-piece orchestra and set under the cathedral ceiling of his own historic nearly 100-year-old barn.
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